Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spirits of the Dead

Ok, I'm back. I'm sorry it's taken' so long. Hopefully that won't happen again. This time out, I bring you, honestly one of the best bands I've ever listened too, and that's just from the six full tracks they have on their MySpace page, they are, Spritis of the Dead, a psychedelic-stoner-"folk"-rock band from Seasside, Norway, with the best 60s, Doors, sound heard since the....well 1960s rock scene. They sent me a friend request on MySpace last night and I jumped over and I've listened to every track they have posted, now on my second time through as I write this.

The production is crisp, clear and clean. The sound is so reminiscent of the 1960s, peace, love, and weed generation that it's hard to belive their from a) Norway, and b) the 21st Century. Not to mention, if you just hit play, and sit back you'll fell like you're in the 60s. When I did, in my mind, I saw clips of people such as Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, and Woodstock (the originial). SotD is a MUST hear for all Classic Rock and stoner rock fans, as well as stoners. My personal favorite tracks would happen to be: "Spirits of the Dead," "White Lady/Black Rave," and....ah hell, I like'em all (that are on their MySpace player). What's more, "White Lady/Black Rave" has an organ soundin' keyboard in it!

These guys are a MUST hear! I give them 4.5 stars-out-of five. So, until next time, enjoy and keep checkin' back.

Official MySpace
"White Lady/Black Rave" (Courtesy of Scandinavian Music Journal - It's a Trap!