Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trash Rock Kings

Trash Rock Kings are and indie rock band and one of the bright spots in the rock scene today. Their brand of rock is basically nitro fueled, as they've described it themselves. They have a sound that is incredible. It's fast and sleazy, blues based, fun rock, with a significant southern influence (their from Austin, Texas). These guys are headed for the top. I was recently introduced to the band through their MySpace page. I thought they had a unique name so I gave them a listen and was completely impressed. They are true rock 'n roll. I got the chance to listen to their album She Said Yeah and I must say the album is full of great songs. It ranges from the faster title track to the slower songs such as "Drawn". You also have to love how Jeffro sucks up to his wife on the track "Dynamite", smart man. This album is going to be one of the hottest albums to be released this year, I know it. This album will appeal to the entire rock 
community as a whole. My personal favorite tracks off the album would have to be, "Line Forms Here", "She Said Yeah", and "Beer." I highly recommend this album to everyone who likes rock music. It's easy to say that when you listen to the Trash Rock Kings, you'll defenitely want to have a cold case of beer around. This is an album that will be in hundrads of jukeboxes in bars all across America. To quote this album will "...make you want to get drunk and start a bar fight."

The album She Said Yeah was released on August 15, 2008 on I give this album 4 3/4 stars out of five. This album is as close to perfect as I've heard in years. I give TRK 4 3/4 out of five. When they tour in all 50 states they'll have earned a perfect score. And of course, if you know anyone that likes rock music, shoot them my way, and let them have a read. Who knows, someone might find a new favorite band.

Crash Underride

Soul Bomb

Soul Bomb is hard rock band from, of all places, Gatineau-Ottawa, Ontario Canada. The band is lead by lead singer, Ian Bouchard (who strangely looks ALOT like Dane Cook), Mathieu "Math" Menard on bass, Paul "Laffy" Lafrenière on guitar, and Jack MacGregor on drums.

Soul Bomb blends electronica, hard rock, metal, into a unique sound. I know you've heard bands that blend the same stuff together, but Soul Bombis different. They do it with a style that's uniquely their own. Their MySpace page lists their influences, but I can honestly say that they do NOT sound more like one specific influence. If you didn't know they listed their influences, you wouldn't have a clue who any of them where.

Soul Bomb has only been together since, January 2006, so it's too early to tell what the future will hold for this band, however I do know one thing, their only going to get better. The have already released one album 2006's independent release Broken Down Angel. Which spawned the single and video which was filmed in conjunction with Kids Help Phone. The band has such a following and has had some success with their debut album, they were chosen to be featured on episode 81 of Capital Rock Show a podcast from Ottawa, Canada, that plays mosty rock, and metal music, mostly music you can't hear on the radio.

The band plans to release a new album sometime in 2008. Soul Bomb fans will are anxiously awaiting the new album to see what else the band can do at such an early stage in their career. From the four tracks that I have heard from the band, I'm looking forward to see what they can do with the gained experience, gigs, and with a record label, once they get signed. I see good things happening to this group of guys.

I give Soul Bomb 3 1/2 stars out of five. I recommend the band to anyone who likes music similar to Rammstein but not quite as hard.

"Distortion Girl"

Stuck Mojo

Stuck Mojo has been around since 1989 and their still goin' strong. A group that consists of Rich "The Duke" Ward on lead guitar, Lord Nelson on the mic, Steve "Nailz" Underwood on drums, Mike Martin on rhythm guitar, and Sean B. Delson on bass. The group is without doubt one of the first, and best, rap metal bands in the world. The blend rap, metal, and southern rock into a formula that creates pure unadulterated magic.

Stuck Mojo have toured all over the United States, and Europe. They have released numerous albums, and gone through numerous line-up changes (with only Ward being the lasting original member). Despite all the changes, the Moj is still going strong, with a loyal fan following that spans the globe, they have returned in recent years to retake their place atop the mound of the rap metal world, which they helped forge in the late '80s and early '90s.

The band has also been known to touch on racial issues in their music as well. The song "Suburan Ranger", the bonus track on the album Rising, is a song from the point of view of a black man in the hood seing a "wigger" or a white guy acting, speaking, and in some cases actually thinking he's black. With lyrics like "Yo you in the wrong hood better knock on wood, Gold chains and gold rings you misunderstood, Trace back and look back you ain't black" and a chorus that says "Who's that wigga in my neighborhood, In my neighborhood..., In my neighborhood...", "Mr. Trailblazer, with the mad flavor,Look out ya'll the suburban ranger, Suburban ranger danger danger, Suburban ranger danger danger, Suburban ranger danger danger, Suburban ranger danger danger" and dialog like "[Judge] Order! Jury, have you reached, have you reached a verdict? [Jury] We find the wigger GUILTY!!!!! [Judge] I here by sentence you, wigger, to a 100 years confined to a chair, forced to watch episodes of the Andy Grifith Show, Hee Haw, and Lawrence Welk. No parole.", they poke fun at people who they think their someone their not, and get away with it flawlessly.

The band is also known to tell fans how proud their are to be from the south. The song "Southern Pride" tells how they have their southern pride, and they aren't ashamed of it, and how they like NASCAR and wrestling, with the line "...We love wrestling and NASCAR too...". Stuck Mojo have also been known to add a splash of comedy into their music, with the likes of "Suburban Ranger" and "Hang'em High (Loser's Theme)" with the lines like "I say we hang 'em high!"

Stuck Mojo also makes their love of professional wrestling well known. Just look at the cover of their album Rising, which features the World Championshp Wrestling (WCW) United States Heavyweight Championship belt on it. The video for the title track was directed by then-WCW superstar Diamond Dallas Page, and features Stuck Mojo as the fictional MCM World Tag Team Champions performing in the middle of the wrestling ring, surrounded by fans, when Raven and "the Flock" enter the ring and start to cause trouble with fans and the referee and they proceed to toss fans from the ring ending only when DDP, who had been watching the happenings from a distance, clearing the ring with a wooden folding chair. The video features cameos by then-WCW stars, such as Raven, Kidman, Riggs, DDP, Lodi, Hammer, Sick Boy, and Reese. This album also happens to be their most sucsessful album, most likely due to the airplay the video received on MTV as well as WCW Monday Nitro.

Stuck Mojo, have also released one of the better live albums in years, with 1999's HVY 1. Unlike most aritsts, who don't lipsync live, the vocals on the album are clear and can be understood, as opposed to most live performances where the lead vocalist is winded from jumping around, etc. The album also features two studio tracks.

With their latest release, 2007's Southern Born Killers (which was released free to fans with all songs intro'd by Ward, or a purchased CD), the Moj have returned and proved that they still have what it takes to rule the rap metal game at its best. Killers, personally, reminds the listener of Stuck Mojo in the 1990s with some politically charged music with great riffs by Ward, and vocals by Bonz (1990s) and Lord Nelson (now). Stuck Mojo have the ability that other, more famous political bands lack, the ability to subtly infuse their music with politics. Mojo doesn't have to be the type of band that is politics every line of every song. Unless you're listening to the "Intro" or their song ''Crooked Figurehead'', then guess who it's about.

Only time will tell what is in store for Stuck Mojo. I give Stuck Mojo 4 1/2 stars out of five. With talent like this, this band is a MUST for all music fans.

"Southern Born Killers (Rich Ward intro)"
"Southern Born Killers"
"Crooked Figurehead"