Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trash Rock Kings

Trash Rock Kings are and indie rock band and one of the bright spots in the rock scene today. Their brand of rock is basically nitro fueled, as they've described it themselves. They have a sound that is incredible. It's fast and sleazy, blues based, fun rock, with a significant southern influence (their from Austin, Texas). These guys are headed for the top. I was recently introduced to the band through their MySpace page. I thought they had a unique name so I gave them a listen and was completely impressed. They are true rock 'n roll. I got the chance to listen to their album She Said Yeah and I must say the album is full of great songs. It ranges from the faster title track to the slower songs such as "Drawn". You also have to love how Jeffro sucks up to his wife on the track "Dynamite", smart man. This album is going to be one of the hottest albums to be released this year, I know it. This album will appeal to the entire rock 
community as a whole. My personal favorite tracks off the album would have to be, "Line Forms Here", "She Said Yeah", and "Beer." I highly recommend this album to everyone who likes rock music. It's easy to say that when you listen to the Trash Rock Kings, you'll defenitely want to have a cold case of beer around. This is an album that will be in hundrads of jukeboxes in bars all across America. To quote this album will "...make you want to get drunk and start a bar fight."

The album She Said Yeah was released on August 15, 2008 on I give this album 4 3/4 stars out of five. This album is as close to perfect as I've heard in years. I give TRK 4 3/4 out of five. When they tour in all 50 states they'll have earned a perfect score. And of course, if you know anyone that likes rock music, shoot them my way, and let them have a read. Who knows, someone might find a new favorite band.

Crash Underride

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