Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok, I really, really am sorry that I haven't updated in awhile. It's the result of different factors, but ya know what? I'm back and hopefully by this weekend I'll have a review up of the metal band Dommin's album "Love is Gone", courtesy of my (personal) favorite record label, Roadrunner Records. I would like to give a shout out to Jason a.k.a. "Bucket" over at Capital Rock Show, he's finally back, not exactly as he was before, but it's better than nothing.

Ok, now onto a bit about what I've been up too. I'm on multiple medications and one of the side effects of the mixture of Prozac and Lizinopril is vertigo, and it's been hard for me to walk since about late June/early July. It even bothers me to sit up at times. So while I've been tryin' my best to acclimate to the vertigo, I've been playin' a lot of Madden NFL 10 and NCAA Football 10 for the Xbox 360. I've also been wathin' way too many movies and of course listenin' to music. I'd be crazy if I didn't.

Oh and after my review of Dommin's Love is Gone, I'll post a review of a band that in my personal opinion are metal gods, Type O Negative. And as usual, if you discover a band here and enjoy their music, please, tell them where you found them at. And lastly, yes, I plan to get a better lookin' logo, I know it looks cheap, well, it is. lol

Until then I am, as always, your master and ruler, Crash Underride.

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