Monday, March 15, 2010

Type O Negative

Sorry I have the attention span of a stoner. And since it's 2am, I'll keep it short.

Well, since this is an overview of a band as a whole, I'll try not to focus on one album in particular. Type O Negative, no not the blood type, the goth band from New York. If you haven't heard of them, all I can say is "What's wrong with you?!" They are legendary. Basically their entire being can be help up in the song "Black No. 1". The album version is 11 minutes long with live performances running around 4-5. Speaking of live performance, I'm not really a fan of them, by anyone. However, I will tell you this, I would pay good money to see Type O Negative play live anywhere in the world. They're one of, if not the best, live bands I've ever seen. Did I mention that they also have a good sense of humor? No? Well, just have a listen to "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend", yeah, that kinda girlfriend, also have a watch of their video for "I Don't Wanna Be Me". I swear, I have never laughed so hard at a music video. I mean, who doesn't love goth metal and cross dressers who wanna be Britney Spears or Emeniem? And is it just me or does Peter Steele have friggin' fangs???

Enjoy and until next time,
Crash Underride

"Black No. 1" (live)
"My Girlfriend's Girlfriend"
"I Don't Wanna Be Me"

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