Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chris Brown and Team Breezy drama

I have some things to say that are music related by not reviews. If you're a Chris Brown fan, you're a fuckin' idiot. Especially if you're a female Chris Brown fan. Then you're really a brain dead idiot. I mean, how could any woman be a fan of a man who beats the shit out of a woman and doesn't feel bad about it at ALL!??! I mean seriously, the sumbitch beat the holy hell out of Rihanna and doesn't say boo about being sorry. That's a big fuckin' pile of douchebaggery.

To make things worse, "Team Breezy" (what a fuckin' stupid ass name) threatens to KILL a woman who calls Brown out on being the biggest piece of shit in 'Merica. Brown doesn't say "Hey, stop she's allowed to have her own opinion." No, he's like "Fuck you bitch, I'll beat a woman and get away with it if I want." He's a fuckin' bastard that needs to be taught a lesson.

I'll start by saying this, Chris Brown, you're the only person that's made me DIE to call you a n***er. But I'm not. Not because as a white male, that would make me look racist. But because I'm not gonna stoop to your immature level. I think you need to get the shit kicked outta you a good time or two and then learn how an ADULT should really act.

Until next time, FUCK YOU TEAM BREEZY!!!!!
Crash Underride

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