Monday, September 1, 2008

Stoker 7

Stoker 7 is a three piece rock band from Glenville, West Virginia. They consist of Dustin Wagoner on vocals and guitar, Joe Park on bass guitar, and Tyson Price on drums. The band has been playing college towns all around West Virginia for the past few years, and draw influences from various straight-forward rock trios of the past. They have a sound that reminds you of classic rock from such bands as The Eagles. I would honestly say that Stoker 7 is one of the few true rock bands out there. They are a rare band live, they actually sound good live rather than some bands who can't live up to the album live. The live video of them performing "Let It All Go" at Trezans, a bar in Glenville, West Virginia.

The band may be small, but the sound is big. I highly recommend this band to any fan of straight out rock. I give Stoker 7 a four out of five.

Crash Underride

"Let It All Go" live at Trezans

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