Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Marazene is a three piece industrial metal band from the small town of Chicago, Illinois. They consist of Nikk Skum on vocals and multiple instruments, DieTrich Thrall on multiple instruments, and Kristov on drums. They are a completely 100% Do It Yourself band. Production, mixing, performing, it's all done by the band. Marazene effortlessly blends new tech, with the heaviest of metal. They are like Ministry with a splash of Disturbed and a sprinkling of Rob Zombie. Shake well and you get one of Chicago's hottest acts. Marazene have released one album, which is 2006's self-released MachiNation. Of the songs of Marazene's that I've heard, I highly recommend "gIVe (Skumfukker's)", and "AnTiThesis". I recommend you swing by their official YouTube channel and have a look at a few of their official videos. Or if you feel like hearin' a few more tunes head right on over to their MySpace page (provided above) and give'em a listen and maybe even a friend request.

I will warn readers, they are NOT for the younger crowd. Take their song "gIVe (Skumfukkers)" for example, lyrics include, "...give me a hole I'll f**k it, give me, give me chance I'll blow it, give me some love I'll choke it, give me a pill I'll pop it, give me a line I'll drop it, give me some smack I'll shoot it, give me a gun I'll do it...", and "Whatever you got I'll put it in me...". So as I said, some of their material is not for the younger crowd. However, I still highly recommend that you go and see Marazene if you ever get the chance. I honestly don't think you'll regret it one bit.

For Marazene, I'll have to give me a four stars out of five. It's not everyone's shot of Jack but I find them refreshin' and I recommend to every metal fan.

Crash Underride

"gIVe (Skumfukker's)" 
"gIVe (Skumfukker's)" [live] on YouTube

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Sαrαh♡ said...

Marazene are a great band, too bad almost no one has heard of them.
I can't manage to find lyrics to any of their songs. :c